About Us


Northland Basketball (NB) is a community based not for profit amateur sporting organisation. NB is an association under Basketball New Zealand (BBNZ) that enters Representative Teams into BBNZ competitions and tournaments

Success Definition
NB aims to develop each player and coach to their full potential, and defines success by whether our young people have:

  • Positive experience in the sport of basketball
  • Improved as basketballers, in both technical, skill and knowledge aspects
  • Improved as people
  • Want to continue to play for NB in future


WE before ME: We understand the importance of working for the team to achieve our common goals. WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER.

Respect: We respect and value the differences and diversity in other people.

Pride: We understand that representing NORTHLAND is a privilege, we wear the uniform with pride in everything we do. We are not only representing Northland Basketball, but our families, our area and everyone who has gone before us.

Toughness: we will do whatever it takes to get the job done, and compete with the highest levels of effort in everything we do.

Resilience: We will be able to focus on the right things and respond with an appropriate reaction regardless of circumstance.

Honesty: We will deal with each other honestly and with integrity in order to find solutions to meet our collective goals.

Gratitude: We understand the importance of showing gratitude to each other, our coaches, referees, managers and the other teams we play

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